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Jurassic World Evolution review

Philippa Warr

My security advisor in Jurassic World Evolution has offered me a mission. I can improve my standing with the security team by breeding a velociraptor. This sounds ill-advised. Even more ill-advised is his demand that I breed it to have a genetic modification that makes it even more aggressive. This is the same security guy who wanted to test the park's security system by letting a dinosaur loose in a park full of visitors because the game had decided to teach me about tranquiliser darts. What's wrong with learning about tranquiliser darts while the park is closed?

If this theme park management sim allowed me to fire employees I would be shoving this guy on the next helicopter out of the Muertes Archipelago. However, it does not. Jurassic World Evolution is in a tricky spot. It's a gorgeous game—especially in terms of how the dinosaurs look—but it's beholden to the movie franchise in ways which disrupt management sim play. I'm also many hour

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