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Kingdom Come: Deliverance dev explains patch process, targets respec potion and pickpocketing

Joe Donnelly

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has had a busy week. In just six days, we've had Andy's review, Jarred's performance analysis, Tom's refreshing tales of unimportant dorks, a collection of its weirdest bugs and glitches, and words from Warhorse on what's set to improve in the immediate future. With the latter in mind, we already know the developer is working on better lockpicking and is mulling a 'save on quit' option—however it's now outlined the behind-the-scenes process of patching the medieval role-player, and its plans for update 1. 3.

"There clearly seems to be some confusion about various patch versions, for which we are very sorry, so let us explain it a little bit," says Warhorse on the KCD subreddit. "When we finish any patch we can’t just upload it and send it to you immediately. There is a certification phase in which platform holders check whether the patch is stable. This process takes various amounts of t

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