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Kingdom Come: Deliverance devs working on better lockpicking and mulling a 'save on quit' option

Christopher Livingston

Sprawling open world RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance landed this week to much ballyhoo: you can check out Andy's review, in which he calls it "a seriously satisfying role-playing experience", and you can also see how well it runs in Jarred's performance preview. If you're already playing, you've undoubtedly formed your own opinions, and according to a news post on the Steam forums, Developer Warhorse Studios is listening to them. In the post, US community manager Rick states that Warhorse has heard the community feedback, and is looking for ways to address it. In particular, the somewhat clumsy lockpicking minigame has resulted in a number of complaints from players, though what changes the developer is planning to make are unclear.

"We have heard you all and lockpicking is something that we will be working on to make it better," the post reads. In addition, the developer is considering a 'save on quit' feature. Currently, the game autosaves at

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