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Kingdom Come: Deliverance may be the new heir to the Crysis throne

Jarred Walton

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the PC's first big game of 2018, and deservedly so—as our review notes, it's a sprawling and intricate RPG. It's also quite demanding—but then, you'd expect that from just about any game built using CryEngine, right? Kingdom Come is certainly playable on a modest rig, and you can even get by with integrated graphics if you're willing to run at low quality and 720p. Crank things up to the ultra preset (which technically doesn't even max out a few options), however, and it will pummel any current PC.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance performance comparison

The minimum requirements list a GTX 660 or HD 7870 with an i5-2500K or Phenom II X4 940 processor—and you could still get reasonable performance at lower settings. The recommended hardware consists of an i7-3770 or FX-8350, with a GTX 1060 or RX 580. The problem is that there's no indication of what sort of performance you'll get from minimum spec or recommended spec hardware. But that's why I'm he

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