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Kingdom Come: Deliverance trailer sets up a 'Blacksmith's Tale' of war and revenge

Andy Chalk

Henry, the hero of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, is in reality no hero at all. He's the son of a local blacksmith, but more than that, he seems a little dim: He throws poop at people's houses, for instance, and enjoys cheap booze just a little too much for his own good. But you don't need a great intellect to be handy in a fight. The new trailer doesn't tell us much that we didn't already know about the game, which is billed as a "realistic" story of civil warfare and murderous payback in the Holy Roman Empire: Henry's family gets offed by some roaming goon squad, and his quest for revenge leads him sword-first into a swirling morass of political intrigue and burning towns.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - A Blacksmith's Tale [NA]

But it looks fantastic—far beyond what anyone could have reasonably expected when the Kingdom Come Kickstarter landed in early 2014. The downside to looking so hot is that it could actually contribute to unreasonable (possibly wildly so) expectations. The Kick

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