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Kingdom Hearts 3 isn't on PC, but these PC mods almost make up for it

James Davenport

Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally out, the closing chapter in an epic adventure about our favorite Disney and Final Fantasy characters kissing, I think. OK, so I don't know what Kingdom Hearts is about. I played the first game as an impressionable teen and remember very little except that I lost the copy of KH I borrowed from a friend and that I found it years later and kept it anyway. It's still in my parents' basement. I'll never tell.

Xemnas (Coach)

 For better or worse, Kingdom Hearts 3 isn't on PC, so we're stuck living vicariously through complex YouTube lore explainers and troubling screenshots of Woody fighting shadow beasts devoid of any context (not that it would help). But Kingdom Hearts is basically a fan-fiction series anyway, so why not turn to the most powerful engines for imagination on PC to get our fill of Disney and Final Fantasy characters kissing? The real Kingdom Hearts 3 is already on PC. You just need these mods and a little—OK, a lot—of imagination.  

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