Kumail Nanjiani Is A "Space Frog" In Mass Effect: Andromeda

Joe Juba

BioWare has released a funny video revealing that Kumail Nanjiani (HBO's Silicon Valley, Game Informer's Replay) is playing a role in Mass Effect: Andromeda. While the character's name isn't unveiled, he is described as a "space frog," which means it's probably a salarian. Watch the video below for the full exchange.   (Please visit the site to view this media) With Andromeda's March 21 launch arriving soon, we won't have to wait too long know more details about Nanjiani's role.

  Our Take:Kumail Nanjiani is hilarious, and BioWare has traditionally made good use of the celebrities it casts for notable roles. Between him and the other confirmed voice talent for Andromeda, I'm even more excited about the conversations on the horizon. For more on the latest Mass Effect, visit our cover story hub for all kinds of information and features.  

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