Leak confirmed: Eddy Gordo is playable in Tekken 7

Cory Arnold

Last week photos revealing Eddy Gordo leaked from an event in Brazil where Katsuhiro Harada was presenting Tekken 7 to a small crowd. Media approached the blurry, yet visible shots cautiously, as fake images are all too common and convincing lately. Now, Bandai Namco have officially announced Gordo as a playable character. I'm still  deciding whether to start with Tekken 7 or try an earlier entry like Tekken 5 first.

In any case, I think Gordo will be one of the first characters I try out. If for no other reason, Capoeira just looks wild and unpredictable like drunken fighting styles. Or I might try Kuma on the grounds that he's a bear. Read more…

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