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Left Alive is an underwhelming return to the Front Mission universe

David O'Keefe

Eight years after the critically-panned Front Mission Evolved, we find ourselves in the Aspen Room of the Sheraton in downtown Seattle watching a behind-closed-doors showing of Left Alive, Square Enix’s upcoming survival third-person shooter. No effort is being made by Square Enix to conceal the setting for Left Alive: It takes place in the Front Mission universe, though they're keeping tight-lipped about where in the timeline it falls. Still, there's no cheeky dancing around the subject. The slice of the game that we were shown even features the series’ staple mechas: Wanzers.

Piloting customizable wanzers is the most tantalizing thing we saw during the demo at PAX West. The wanzer was agile and sported a shoulder-mounted rail gun, and demonstrated the ability to tackle enemy mechs and pin them to objects in the environment. You can even sever the weapons from enemy wanzers and slot them into one of four available weapon slots on your own. A Square Enix representativ

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