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Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2's story trailer reveals Kang's evil plot


Lego Marvel Super Heroes is, in this lover of tiny bricks’ humble opinion, the best Lego game, and an unexpectedly great open-world game to boot. After a slightly disappointing Lego Marvel’s Avengers spin-off, it’s finally getting a proper sequel next month, and a new trailer breaks down what’s going on in the Lego Universe. In a word: Kang. If you’re not familiar with Kang, he’s continuity’s greatest foe. He’s a time-travelling supervillain, a Pharaoh, a young superhero and member of the Young Avengers, and the Lord of Limbo.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Story Trailer

He’s all these things at the same time and yet millennia apart. He frequently meddles with time, concocting various disasters and temporal messes. This Lego version of Kang has been typically up to no good, drawing different nations, worlds and realities into one big open-world city. It’s a bit like a scaled back Secret Wars, where Doctor Doom combined different planets and alternate Earths int

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