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Let's discuss Far Cry 5's boring cult and pointless ending

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A good cult tells you where they stand. If they’re like the Church Universal and Triumphant, you get what they’re about after the second Mantra for Healing Personal and National Economies or so. Like Eden’s Gate, they’re a Montana-based group that bought up land and built bunkers, and they still await the catastrophic end to all things between chants that use spiritual energy to claim what is rightfully theirs within the US economy. The Eden's Gate cult in Far Cry 5 could use a couple such mantras.

Far Cry 5 - Joseph Seed eating his snot string (Disgusting)

All their covers of Amazing Grace don't spell out what they believe in besides a vague dissatisfaction with the state of the US government and the character of the American people. It’s not until just before the credits roll that the cult’s purpose starts to take shape, a bit too late for recruiting purposes. Chris and James have both weathered Far Cry 5’s ending, still uncertain of the Seed family’s goals and not convinced t

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