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Life is Strange 2 has a confident opening episode and an awful sketching minigame

Philippa Warr

For a top-line, absolutely no spoilery bit of guidance as to whether you might enjoy Life is Strange 2: Episode 1, it’s as follows: If you enjoyed the first season or the Captain Spirit mini-sode, you will be right at home. If you did not, it’s far more of a gamble and depends on why those games didn’t appeal to you.

The tone, the story, and the cast of characters are different to season 1 so if Chloe and Max specifically weren’t your cup of tea it’s worth trying again. If the storytelling systems, the basic setup of teens and supernatural phenomena or the aesthetic rubbed you the wrong way, then it’s a far harder recommendation, particularly with the addition of a frustrating and lengthy sketching minigame.

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