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Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a prequel series for the punks


Time travel is for posers. Hear me out. In the original Life is Strange, you played as Max, a sensitive photography student with the power to travel back in time. With her powers, she unraveled a mystery around a missing person case while trying to please everyone in the process.

The result was like taking a Telltale adventure game and shoving it into a VCR. With a magic rewind button you could replay conversations over and over until everyone was as happy as possible—a tall, often impossible order. In Before the Storm, an episodic prequel series to Life is Strange starting August 31, you play as Max’s rebellious childhood friend Chloe—and she can’t alter time. While the system is what initially made Life is Strange stand out from similar episodic story-focused adventures (think Telltale’s games), tumbling through Chloe’s unstable life drunk, high, and angry, without looking back feels appropriate to a teen who is very often drunk, high, and angry.

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