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Like any great zombie movie, State of Decay 2 finds complexity in characters

Wes Fenlon

Here's what you need to know to understand State of Decay 2: this is a game that simulates the moods and desires of a group of post-apocalypse stragglers, the kind of zombie survival sim that requires those survivors to eat and sleep to maintain health and stamina. It's also a game with a button dedicated to to holding a car door open as you drive, so you can slam it into roaming zombies in a shower of blood.

State of Decay 2: 4K co-op gameplay

The same car you can use to comically drive-by door zombies also requires frequent refueling with scavenged gas cans and repair with tool kits. State of Decay 2 gives you the guns and melee weapons to tear through zombie hordes, but soon enough you'll run out of stamina or ammo or backpack space and remember you're neck deep in a game that's more sim RPG than Left 4 Dead.

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