Listen To Two New Audio Tracks From Halo Wars 2

Kevin Slackie

As war wages on in the Halo universe you gotta have some beautiful music to go with it. Today we get a sneak peek into the soundtrack that you'll hear in the thick of combat in Halo Wars 2, including a theme for Isabel. The second song is based on the "run little demons" quote from the reveal trailer. Gordy Haab has been brought on to help compose for the new game, with his most notable work being the score of Kinect: Star Wars as well as the ambient soundtrack of The Walking Dead TV show.

Also on the project is Finishing Move, known for their work on Halo: Master Chief Collection and Massive Chalice. If you'd like to know more about Halo Wars 2 you can find a bunch of info on it here; otherwise, you can hear the two new tracks for yourself below.   [Source: Xbox]  

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