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Little Devil Inside's beautiful new trailer is filled with giant monsters and one tiny little dump


The last time we covered Little Devil Inside was way back in 2015, when the gorgeously adorable survival RPG was crowdfunding on Kickstarter. It's obviously made some ground since then, as developer Neostream showed off a new trailer today at Sony's Playstation 5 presentation. Watch it above. The trailer includes everything from deep-sea diving to fantasy adventuring to sand dune surfing (on the backs of penguin-like birds). There are murky swamps, lakes covered in ice, giant octopuses, massive sandstorms, and donkey-backed bear hunting. And amidst it all, there are Victorian-esque scenes of shops selling Schmeat and a stern old fella sitting in a bathtub with a rubber ducky and perched on a toilet taking a tiny little dump. I am… intrigued. There's also a dragon and at least one Yeti and a giant cat. At least I think it's a cat.

Plus, mountain climbing. And spelunking. And shields, guns, and bombs. It's a lot, and frankly, it all looks great. So, while I'm not quite sure what's going on with the story and who that old fella is, Little Devil Inside has an awfully lovely art style, some wonderful animation, and some fantastically realized environments and wildlife. Release date? Nope. But hopefully we'll get one soon.

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