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Madden 19 on PC is pretty darn playable with a mouse and keyboard

Christopher Livingston

I'm always disappointed when a PC game doesn't control well with a mouse and keyboard. Sports games, in particular, are usually much better with a controller, and even when you can use a mouse and keyboard it's often the case that not much thought has been put into translating the controls for those of us who like sitting at our desktops with our fingers on the home row. When I saw Madden 19 on PC at E3 this week—if you hadn't heard, Madden is back on PC after a decade away—I was fully expecting to have to play it with a controller. Just about every game I tried this week—Hitman 2, Anthem, even FPS Metro Exodus—were only playable on controllers. But, surprise!

There was a single station where Madden was set up with a mouse and keyboard. Not a surprise: no one was using it. Back to surprises: the mouse and keyboard worked really well. One of the great things about a thumbstick on a controller is it gives you a specific type of control you can&apo

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