Mads Mikkelsen had no idea what Death Stranding was about after Kojima described it

Julia Alexander

To be honest, does anyone? Mads Mikkelsen is starring in Hideo Kojima’s upcoming, highly-anticipated game Death Stranding, and although he’s very involved with the project, he recently confessed it took him a while to figure out what was going on. Mikkelsen was on stage at the Saudi Comic Con in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to talk about his career and upcoming projects when he was asked about Death Stranding. The interview can be seen in the video below. Mikkelsen said when he sat down with Kojima to discuss the project, the game developer tried to explain the entire plot of Death Stranding.

Even with Kojima’s best efforts, Mikkelsen admitted he had no idea what was going on. “He was trying to tell me the whole plot of the game, and it’s so elaborate that … I mean, I got lost,” Mikkelsen said. “But I really wanted to learn more. ” #MadsMikkelsen talks about meeting @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN & becoming part of #DeathStranding with #NormanReedus & #GuillermodelToro#SaudiComicCon pic. twitter.

com/TjDN7DrE5b— Ema Cadaver (@Z0MBREX) February 20, 2017 Kojima hasn’t tried to hide his adoration for Mikkelsen, who is best known for his work in NBC’s Hannibal. Their friendship has become one of the best parts of Kojima’s Twitter account and alongside The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus — another friend of Kojima — the two make up most of the star power in the game. Acclaimed director Guillermo del Toro will also have a role in the game. Mikkelsen added that when he started to work on Death Stranding, he had some concerns about the type of motion capture technology that developer Kojima Productions would be using, since it was different from what he’s worked with previously. The actor added, however, that Kojima was heavily involved with the entire process.

The first full-length trailer for Death Stranding debuted during The Game…

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