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Make Resident Evil 2 a sexy nightmare with these mods

James Davenport

During the fleeting moments the Resident Evil 2 remake wasn't reminding me that I'm a prisoner in a fleshy mortal cage, I kept wondering why I wasn't super horny yet. For reasons Capcom refuses to explain, Leon, Claire, Ada, Mr. X—all the hot adult stars of RE2 arrive fully clothed and stay that way throughout the game.  Lucky for us, modders have already made a healthy assortment of sexy outfits and nude mods to make up for Capcom's glaring omissions. Finally, Mr X. and Leon can play cat and mouse throughout a metropolitan police station in their undies as they were always meant to. Before getting started, you'll want to download the Fluffyquack mod manager.

It's a simple tool that makes managing multiple mods in RE2 a breeze. Be sure to check the installation instructions that accompany each mod just in case.  But let's not scroll too far down just yet. This article is very much not safe for work. Don't click those links in a public space.  

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