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Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite review


At first glance you can boil Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite down to one question: do you want to see erstwhile Dead Rising photojournalist Frank West throw a shopping trolley at Thanos? Frank is a man with a camera, a penchant for slapstick comedy and a fighting style that relies on picking up random bits of tat to assault his foe. Thanos is about two steps away from being an actual god, with a list of powers that would probably take up half of this review if I listed them. The MvC series gives you an excuse to engineer unlikely team-ups and make hilariously out of their depth characters face off against people they have no business fighting.

It might look like a novelty exercise, but these games are beloved brawlers, colourful, spectacular and with a combat system that amounts to barely controlled chaos. Characters tag in and out of fights in the middle of the action to chain combos and toss around one-liners. Infinite's roster is 30 characters strong and runs the gamut from bruisers like H

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