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Mass Effect: Andromeda Deluxe Edition lands on Origin Access

Samuel Horti

Mass Effect: Andromeda was, for a lot of people, a major disappointment that failed to live up to the excellent trilogy that preceded it. It didn't sell well at its original price tag, and even the current 50% price cut (which is what it's going for on Origin) won't be a big enough drop to tempt some people. Now you can play it for even less money through Origin Access as part of a £4/$5 a month subscription. That subscription gives you unlimited access to a range of EA titles, usually older (but generally very good) games or limited trials of new games.

As Andy pointed out last month, it's unusual for a game as big as Andromeda to arrive on the service as early as it has, which is surely a mark of how poorly it performed. It's the Deluxe Edition that's been added to Origin Access, which includes an armour park, a weapon set and a digital soundtrack. I think that if you were at all on the fence about it then it's worth paying for a single month, givin

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