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Mass Effect: Andromeda is strangely the most popular game at Computex


Something was strange on the show floor of Computex. I didn't quite notice it, at first. But it kept building, and building, just under the level of consciousness, until I walked out of Acer's booth full of gaming laptops and monitors on Thursday and thought, wait a minute. Why is every damn computer in this convention center running Mass Effect: Andromeda? There hasn't been much talk about Mass Effect: Andromeda since some of the fallout around its release, except the news a few weeks ago that developer Bioware Montreal is transitioning into a support role for Andromeda and other EA games.

Its sci-fi scenery is beautiful in spots, but it's not stunning like Battlefield 1, or one of the most demanding PC games. It's not a brand new game lighting up the charts, or a massive phenomenon like Overwatch. So why did practically every single booth on the Computex show floor have systems running Mass Effect: Andromeda? Once this thought hit me, I realized I'd seen Andro

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