Mass Effect: Andromeda’s character animations continue to be mocked online

Ben Kuchera

This is not the good kind of pre-release buzz Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released on March 21, but pre-release copies are already in the hands of critics and streamers. That’s not good news for BioWare, as people are having a field day capturing moments in which the in-game animation system breaks down. The facial animations, in particular, aren’t looking great. This isn’t the first time the game’s animations have proven to be a problem before launch. But the reports, videos and gifs that show off the game’s flawed animations have increased since review copies have been released.

Reports are varied about how bad the issue is, and how much it affects players’ enjoyment of the game, but it does seem like the animations could have used a bit more time to be perfected. You can watch the game’s first hour if you’d like to get a sense of how everything runs with a bit more context around it. i dont think ill ever get tired of trashing the new Mass Effect pic. twitter. com/jwXxdaRCtU— Nathan Ranney (@RatCasket) March 16, 2017 pic.

twitter. com/3x7MQcfHwC— Nathan Ranney (@RatCasket) March 16, 2017 this is the 12th gif ive made of this mess pic. twitter. com/nSKcwM5zQ7— Nathan Ranney (@RatCasket) March 16, 2017 You can see a comparison of Andromeda’s facial animations with the original game and Witcher 3 below, if this hasn’t convinced you. Your face does seem a bit tired.

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