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Meet Destiny 2's nimble Arcstrider


With Destiny 2 launching in September on consoles, and at some undefined point on PC, Bungie has been showing off another one of the new subclasses: the Hunter Arcstrider—a fancy martial artist that’s pretty handy with a staff. The Arcstrider dashes around the battlefield with an energy staff, weaving between enemies with great speed, dealing a a lot of damage before quickly getting out of the way of anyone looking for retribution. A selection of grenades can be unlocked too, and seem to be similar to the Bladedancer’s from the original Destiny, along with special jumps and dodges. In particular, the Gambler’s Dodge ability sounds very helpful, generating melee energy whenever you dodge near an enemy.

There are two distinct subclass paths that can be taken. The Way of the Warrior path includes abilities that activate your dodge after a kill, extend your weapon range, and turn your strikes into double hits after you’ve dodged an attack. Way

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