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Meet Middle-earth: Shadow of War's hardworking Machine Tribe


It’s very convenient that the naming conventions of Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s Orc tribes skew a little towards the literal. What’s in a name? Absolutely everything. So it should be pretty obvious how members of the Machine Tribe like to spend their time. What a lovely bunch of tinkerers they seem to be! Diligently working away on the ferocious engines of destruction that Sauron plans to use to conquer Middle-earth—you’ve got to respect these hardworking Orcs.

Official Shadow of War Machine Tribe Trailer

Even if they do want to kill and eat puny humans. Hopefully we’ll be able to recruit a few of these smarty-pants Orcs before we destroy their keep and slaughter them by the hundreds. Speaking of slaughter, Joe, who is normally a nice boy, went on a rampage yesterday and burned a lot of probably innocent orcs with one of Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s fire-breathing dragons. Rude! Feel free to loudly tut if you see him in Cologne.

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