Meet the new voice of Kratos

Charlie Hall

God of War team is going in a new direction, so they called on a new actor Sony promised us a surprise last night during their extended livestream, and they delivered by introducing the new voice of Kratos in God of War. Appearing live on stage was none other than Christopher Judge. Science fiction fans might know him better as Teal’c, the genetically modified super soldier who serves as both the muscle and the comic relief on Stargate SG-1. Judge should have no problems portraying an all powerful warrior. As you may recall, on SG-1 Judge’s Teal’c had an abdominal pouch, wherein resided a symbiotic alien larva — specifically a parasite from the planet P3X-888 — that granted him awesome powers and an extended lifespan.

This isn’t his first video game outing for Judge, either. In addition to doing voice work for the 2013 release of Stargate SG-1: Unleashed, he was also the voice of Jericho in Turok. Judge was incredibly charming last night, and seems to have really thought long and hard about God of War’s new Norse setting, and Kratos’ new role as both a warrior and a father. "How can you be a father," Judge asked, "when you have never been fathered? " causing pretty much everyone else on stage to gape for a bit.

Meanwhile, the original voice of Kratos, voice actor and jazz vocalist TC Carson, is a little salty about the whole thing. To my folk, you've been wondering if I am Voicing Kratos in GOW4I am not. Sony went in a new direction. let em know what you think — TC Carson (@TCCarson) June 15, 2016 It’s not a great look to sic your social media followers on anyone, for any reason. While Carson thinks about what he’s done, let’s take time to remember The Best of Teal’c, shall we?

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