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Mega Man 11's new slow-mo power finally makes the series accessible to scrubs like me

Kyle Campbell

Mega Man games have never been the friendliest. The series is built around complex pattern recognition and frame perfect platforming. It's a strict school of game design that's since migrated to roguelikes, where failure is tempered somewhat by surprising systems and remixed levels. It makes the idea of a new Mega Man game feel a bit out of place in 2018. Mega Man 11, releasing October 2, is the first in the series since 2010. At first glance it looks just as tough as the 10 games that preceded it, and it is.

But after giving Mega Man 11 a shot in a short demo, it’s clear Capcom is poised at giving newcomers a helping hand without sacrificing the challenge that enthusiasts live for. All it took was adding bullet time. Even so, I hit my first continue screen in three minutes. The next time I make it a little over five. The stage is named for Blast Man, a level full of explosives that do their big fiery thing whenever coming into contact with projectiles, my enemies'"

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