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Microsoft's support of Steam is exactly what Valve needs right now

Samuel Roberts

Back when I visited Rare in March to see Sea of Thieves' anniversary update in action, I asked about the split between those playing on PC and Xbox. Right now, "about 30 percent" of the playerbase is on PC, executive producer Joe Neate told me. He said that Rare was "very, very happy" with that number, but I couldn't help but wonder how big Sea of Thieves' pirate game could be if it was on Steam as well, instead of being stuck on the Microsoft Store.  Last week, Microsoft made waves with its announcement that it was going to start bringing more of its games to Steam, as well as other storefronts (see the full 'Our approach to PC gaming' post here, where Game Pass for PC was also announced). Sea of Thieves, right now, isn't one of those games coming to Steam—but the wording is promising.

"We will continue to add to the more than 20 Xbox Game Studios titles on Steam, starting with Gears 5 and all Age of Empires I, II & III: Definitive Editions. " This is alongside the previously announced Halo: The Master Chief Collection.   Valve stands to benefit a lot here. In a year where it's faced competition from the Epic Games Store when it comes to exclusives on the biggest upcoming games, like The Outer Worlds and Borderlands 3, Microsoft's messaging puts Steam at the core of its plans.  

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