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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is a violent Tolkien fan-fiction generator


My biggest concern going into Middle-Earth: Shadow of War was stealth play getting sidelined for the large-scale combat of the fortress assault missions and a renewed focus on managing uruk forces. So at E3 when I got free reign over how to spend my time in an entire region, I figured I’d attempt to infiltrate a fort, coax the captain out, and kill him without anyone knowing I was there. Classic Shadow of Mordor stuff. Good news: stealth play is definitely viable, especially in the more freeform open world missions. At the same time, it's entirely possibly everything will go completely sideways, and you should expect that in Shadow of War. It wants you to have stories to tell, and perfect stealth runs aren't one of them.

As in Shadow of Mordor, in order to draw out a captain, you need to meet a specific goal within the fort. In my case, I had to kill about a dozen marked guards in plain sight. Huh. Yeah, so I’m not going to get through this without being seen. T

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