Middle-earth: Shadow of War really puts the 'more' in Mordor

Brett Makedonski

Shadow of Mordor is getting a sequel. Obviously Shadow of Mordor is getting a sequel. It's a triple-A game based on an incredibly popular property (Lord of the Rings), it was almost universally well-received (except, funnily enough, by this site), and it even won a few end-of-year awards (like Game of the Year at the 2015 GDC Awards). A second Shadow of Mordor was certainly a case of when and not if. Developer Monolith's ambitions for Middle-earth: Shadow of War are high yet predictable. In a hands-off demo in San Francisco, a representative outlined a bunch of gameplay changes that will define this title. It's the exact same route all big-name sequels take: More, more, more. We can't yet say if it'll be for better or for worse, but we feel comfortable asserting that feature creep is the main attraction.

Shadow of War's intentions aren't masked for long. Within 30 seconds, we're told "We wanted to expand the scale of everything. There are more epic stories and a much more massive world. " A setting so massive that there's now a world map because "We have many more regions. They're far larger than they were in the last game, and they also extend beyond Mordor. " We all see exactly where this is going. Read more…

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