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Middle-earth: Shadow of War stream teases otherworldly brawls, PC graphics settings


When our James got to grips with Middle-earth: Shadow of War at last month's E3 he described it as a "violent Tolkien fan-fiction generator" whose "new tools at every level make for unpredictable, dramatic, and memorable encounters. " Developer Monolith held a livestream this weekend that showcased some of the above, and also offered a glimpse at the Shadow of Mordor follow-up's PC settings. Within the section of in-game footage featured below, Talion is hot on the heels of the forest-dwelling Carnan—the spirit of nature—which sees our hero battling a number of powerful otherworldly beasts, each of which is powered by Carnan's evil soul. Some of the battles look pretty neat as QA analyst Ellie Knapp adopts a range of attacking strategies that include a mixture of hands-on melee and at range bow and arrow fare.

Shadow of War: Livestream Episode #14 | The Spirit of Carnan

Most interestingly, the stream offers a quick peek at Shadow of War's PC graphics settings around the 2. 35 mark. Check

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