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Monolith explains why Shelob is a lady in Middle-earth: Shadow of War


Probably the weirdest thing about the upcoming Middle-earth: Shadow of War is that Shelob, who as I understand it is well-established in Tolkien's mythos as a monstrous, malevolent spider, is in fact a woman. More specifically, a leggy, raven-haired woman with a penchant for whispering in your ear, and who may or may not hold the key to bringing about Sauron's defeat. But Monolith creative vice president Michael de Plater told Eurogamer that this twist in the tale wasn't made simply to get an attractive lady into the marketing materials.

Official Shadow of War Shelob Reveal Trailer

De Plater apparently considers Shelob and Gollum as "unsung heroes" of Lord of the Rings, Gollum because he's the one who actually (sorry, spoiler alert) destroys the ring and Shelob because she makes the deal with him that enables it to happen. He also said that Monolith draws inspiration from characters who exist in the story's "grey zone," because they're "more human" than the full-on good

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