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Monster Hunter: World is exactly the bold evolution the series needed

Steven Messner

The first time I accepted a quest to kill a Rathian in Monster Hunter: World—the iconic green dragon introduced in the first game back in 2002—I figured it'd be a walk in the park. After all, I'd killed hundreds of these. I'd carved the scales and claws from their cold corpses because nothing screams "I own you" quite like wearing the bones of your enemy into battle. I knew everything about the Rathian: what moves to dodge, when to press the attack, and when to back off and let it tire itself out.

Monster Hunter: World Beta Nergigante [Bow] 9.32

For someone who has invested hundreds of hours across several Monster Hunter games, it's refreshing that I can still get my ass handed to me. And, oh boy, can Rathian still dish out an ass kicking. Such is the life in Monster Hunter: World, a multiplayer-optional action RPG that's as much about killing towering dinosaurs and wearing their skin as it is about having the self-control to not shout "you fucking asshole! " the moment Rathian KOs

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