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Monster Hunter: World is shaping up to be exactly the evolution we hoped for

Austin Wood

Monster Hunter: World ran a PS4-exclusive open beta over the weekend. World is slated to hit PC in early- to mid-2018, so Monster Hunter enthusiasts Steven and Austin went hunting together to find out what PC gamers can expect. Austin: Dear lord, it's everything I wanted, Steven. This game will consume me. Steven: Right? I was optimistic that a non-3DS Monster Hunter would be good, but Monster Hunter: World is also kind of scary for longtime players because it changes so much about the formula.

I was overwhelmed by systems like the scout flies, open-world maps, and new traversal options. It’s a lot to take in for new players and veterans alike. But man, I can already tell that Monster Hunter: World is going to become my new obsession. Austin: Overwhelming really is the word. I never thought getting away from the zoning-based maps of previous Monster Hunters would feel this good. Environments are much more organic now that there's not a loading screen every 50 feet

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