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Monster Hunter World looks like everything I want from a next-gen Monster Hunter


Two months ago I argued that it was time for Monster Hunter to come to PC in the West. It's a series that exemplifies everything PC gamers love, and I felt that Capcom ignoring the PC was a missed opportunity. Now that Monster Hunter World has been confirmed for PC, it's only reasonable to assume that I'm the reason it's happening. I like to imagine that someone at Capcom read that article and realized something had to be done. It was probably the Capcom rep who provided commentary during my hands-off demo. At the end, as everyone was leaving, he said thank you and our eyes met.

Monster Hunter World - E3 2017 Trailer Ps4

Maybe it was a trick of the light, but I saw a glimmer there that spoke volumes to me. "Thank you, Steven. Thank you for that article," I imagine he thought in that moment. I smiled and nodded at him and he immediately grimaced. Maybe it's because LA is very hot and I'm very sweaty, but it was probably because he didn't want to blow his cover. It's strange

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