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Monster Hunter: World shows off gorgeous Coral Highlands

Joe Donnelly

Monster Hunter: World is due on console next week, despite being pushed to autumn/fall on PC. We learned last week why this is the case, and also that it won't include loot boxes and/or microtransactions when it lands. What it will give players, though, is some gorgeous locales to hunt unruly beasts within—such as the Coral Highlands. This setting features in the following nine-minute-long sliver of in-game footage.

Monster Hunter: World - Coral Highlands Gameplay

Pursuing a winged Paolumu, the narrator warns players: "do not let his cuddly exterior fool you, this monster will make swift work of hunters who take him for granted and subsequently find themselves rather unprepared. "While braving the bat-like monster's guard-breaking "tremendous gusts of wind", the player is later seen zipping around the skies atop a mount, and relying on some inadvertent backup from a Tzitzi-Ya-Ku creature. All in a day's work. Observe:

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