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Monster Hunter: World's story campaign will last 40-50 hours

Joe Donnelly

The Monster Hunter series is poised to make its western PC debut with Monster Hunter: World next year, which is something Steven and Austin seem pretty pleased about. Last week, we learned that Capcom plans to add new beasts over time via free updates, and now it appears its core story campaign will last somewhere in the vicinity of 40-50 hours. Speaking to German publication Mein-MMO. de (via Gematsu, translated by Google), Monster Hunter: World's director Yuya Tokuda suggests 40-50 hours is about right for the game's story mode, however this will ultimately depend on the individual player's approach.

Monster Hunter: World | Purrfect Palicos | PS4

"I guess it will take about 40 to 50 hours, depending on the type of player, to complete the story," says Tokuda. "But it would not be a monster hunter game if it had no content that you could enjoy in the back. Players can continue to forge and upgrade their favorite weapons and armor after the story is over. "As reported by Sam Horti yesterday, on

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