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Monster Hunter: World's TGS presentation shows off cooking, exploration and one buff dragon


With Monster Hunter: World being shown off at the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom have spilled some more beans, detailing character customisation, crafting and cooking while showcasing some of the game’s open-world exploration in the stage presentation above. The presentation is in Japanese, obviously, but with some English commentary that breaks down what’s being shown off. We also get a look at the game’s opening moments, introducing other monster hunters before moving onto what seems like a pretty robust character creator. You’ll not only be able to customise your hunter, you’ll be able to create your very own Palico, your feline assistant.

Monster Hunter: World - TGS 2017 Stage Presentation

Skip to the 36 minute mark, and you’ll see the climax of the presentation, a battle against the intimidating Nergigante, which appears to be a dragon crossed with a body builder. Terrifying. Like Final Fantasy XIV, however, the real highlight is gorgeous, delicious food. It’s almost too pretty to eat.

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