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More new Cyberpunk 2077 screenshots highlight cars and combat abilities


CD Projekt Red has released another handful of Cyberpunk 2077 images, adding to the set they've been drip-feeding fans during Gamescom. This round is mostly focused on environments, but a few also show off some of the game's vehicles. There are two beefy-looking yellow coupes shown in this set, likely two of the vehicles you can own in-game and use to get around Night City. One has a kind of throwback '80s fastback look, with hard angles and black sun shades on the rear windshield, whilst the other looks more like the modern redesigns of classic American muscle cars like the new Dodge Challenger. body . hawk-widget{--trd-blue:#2f6e91;width:100%;letter-spacing:normal;}. _hawk. subtitle~. hawk-widget[data-widget-type=price]{margin:16px 0;}@media (min-width:600px){.

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buyingguide . product . hawk-widget. bg-price{float:right;width:40%;}}This set of shots also shows off some of the locations in Cyberpunk 2077. There's an abandoned amusement park (why are derelict Ferris wheels always so ominous? ), a camp set up inside a warehouse, and a severe-looking concrete building that looks like a civil administrative headquarters of some kind. Another set of screenshots, released yesterday, highlights combat sequences. These mostly speak for themselves, apart from one that appears to be showing some kind of cybernetic ability. You see your characters right arm slightly extended in front of the camera, attached to a bright orange energy stream that's causing an enemy to erupt in gouts of blood.

It's the laser whip from Johnny Mnemonic! You can view all the new images in the gallery below.

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