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Most of Mass Effect: Andromeda was developed in just 18 months, report says


Mass Effect: Andromeda, simply put, did not live up to expectations. It suffered from a number of glaring technical issues, and even more importantly, it failed to capture the sweep and spirit of the original trilogy. An in-depth examination of its "turbulent" development now up on Kotaku reveals a project that was plagued by serious issues almost right from the start, ranging from troubles with technology to sky-high ambitions that simply couldn't be met.

The commitment to the Frostbite engine was a major problem, as one developer compared it to an F1 race car that goes like hell on the track and is virtually useless everywhere else. The Edmonton and Montreal studios clashed, leading to numerous departures including that of director Casey Hudson, which had a tremendous impact on the direction of the game. Tools were lacking and inconsistent, and a plan to rely on procedural planet generation to create a galaxy filled with hundreds of worlds—"No Man’s

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