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My pointless quest to stop The Outer Worlds' companions from riding elevators with me


I'm not sure exactly when I first noticed it while playing The Outer Worlds. But along with all the perks your companions have for increasing their damage, decreasing their special ability cooldowns, and improving their health, they also have a secret, hidden perk. This perk allows them to get into elevators with you, no matter what, as if by magic. And this perk has a 99. 9% success rate. It's not that companions riding elevators with you is weird.

They're your followers. They follow you everywhere you go. But this level of following hasn't been seen in games since Creepy Watson from Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments. It's downright supernatural. No matter how far away from you they are, once you throw that elevator switch your companions will instantly be right beside you. It's spooky.

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