My traumatising EGX-perience with Monster Hunter World

Chris Moyse

"I only came here to play this! "I turned my head to see a wide-eyed girl beaming at me like it was Christmas, her eyes glistening behind her trendy millennial glasses. Whereas she was really excited, I was more baffled, as I turned back to stare at the most complex layout of controller prompts I'd seen since Steel Battalion. This was me at the Monster Hunter World booth at EGX this weekend.

Despite the game being premiered at the show, it had been tucked away right in the very corner. It didn't help that Capcom no-showed the event, leaving it to Sony to squeeze the game between Lego Marvel 2 and a Subway stand. But I did eventually find it and here I was, young and confused, and young left town. Read more…

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