N7 Day Trailer Shows Mass Effect Andromeda In Action

Joe Juba

November 7 has become a holiday in the video game industry (N7 Day), where we celebrate the Mass Effect series. The day doesn't always include big announcements or reveals from BioWare about its epic sci-fi saga – but it does this year.  In the official N7 Day trailer below, fans finally get a clear look at the gameplay, new creatures, and hints at the story to come. Check it all out below: (Please visit the site to view this media) The flood of info doesn't stop there!

As it happens, Mass Effect Andromeda is also our December cover story.  Come back throughout the month of November to see even more exclusive features and interviews, including a closer look at the new party members, a breakdown of multiplayer, and a rapid-fire Q&A with creative director Mac Walters. Access the hub by clicking on the banner below!

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