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Next For Honor season introduces two new heroes


The next For Honor season is starting on November 14, and with it comes two new heroes. In slashes the Aramusha, a dual katana-wielding Samurai Hybrid who's fast and good at dodging attacks. The Vikings, not to be left out, get a new assassin called the Shaman, who carries a hatchet and a dagger and gains two abilities when enemies are bleeding. The first is Blood Trance, which gives the Shaman health for every successful strike, and the other is Predator's Mercy, which is basically a powerful attack aimed at finishing an enemy off. Both heroes are free for Season Pass holders and will unlock on November 14.

For Honor: Season 4 Order & Havoc – Tribute Mode, Aramusha & Shaman Heroes | Trailer | Ubisoft [US]

Anyone that doesn't own a pass will have to wait until November 21 and buy the heroes for 15,000 Steel each (the in-game currency). You can earn Steel by playing the game or buying it with real money: 11,000 Steel costs $9. 99 while 25,000 Steel costs $19. 99 (there's no option to buy 15,000 or 30,000 Steel). All players will get two maps for free in the new season: M

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