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Ni No Kuni 2's RTS skirmishes let you conquer territory with adorable air strikes


Ni No Kuni 2 is making some big changes to the first game's traditional JRPG structure. Turn based combat encounters have been replaced with real time battles, and skirmish mode uses a cutesy, light-touch real time strategy game to simulate larger battles for control of the kingdom. Skirmishes happen on the world map, and have you, King Evan, standing at the centre of an orbiting collection of units. You rotate this formation with the controller's bumpers and try to make sure your colour-coded units collide with enemy units they're most likely to beat up.

Each unit specialises in a specific mode of attack. In one mission named The Battle For the Heartlands, I laid waste to enemy units and their defences by assessing their weaknesses—sword units work best against hammer units, hammer better against spear, and spear best against sword—while occasionally calling upon a death from above style air strike 'special tactic'. Armies attack automatically on

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