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Now the Divinity studio is teasing us with calamari and kraken

Tyler Wilde

Yesterday, Larian's website was plastered with a big number three. That might cause one to assume the Divinity studio is about to announce Divinity: Original Sin 3 (or maybe even Divinity 3), but evidence actually points to something a little different. Poke around in the video file, and you'll find references to Baldur's Gate 3 and Wizards of the Coast. Today, Larian replaced that video with a new one featuring tentacles wrapping around the Roman numeral. Naturally, I immediately downloaded it and opened it in a text editor to hunt for more clues.

The studio was more careful this time. There aren't any references to games or companies in the metadata that I could find, but there are lots of mentions of kraken, squid, and calamari.  There's also a reference to a Photoshop layer called "Swen's Birthday Party. " I wasn't sure what to make of that one until Andy pointed me to a tweet from Larian CEO Swen Vincke:

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