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Now you can get a "Sanic" T-shirt in Sonic Forces for some reason

Jody Macgregor

We weren't big fans of Sonic Forces around here. Our review wasn't particularly positive. One of the things it highlighted was that in this latest Sonic game you can play as your own customizable character, "straight outta DeviantArt" and that, "As you play you unlock a seemingly endless stream of clothes and accessories for your character, letting you cobble together some very silly outfits.

he is the hedgeheg known as sanic

"Those outfits are now even sillier since they've added the option to download a T-shirt for your in-game avatar featuring a meme from 2010. Sanic Hegehog is an MS Paint abomination the internet loves and now you can wear him on your chest while you rescue Sonic or whatever. Alternatively, you could just play as Sanic in the emulated version of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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