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Nvidia hotfix driver fixes Prey stuttering


Nvidia has posted a hotfix driver, version 382. 19, to their support website. Note that this is not a WHQL release, and the only note is that the driver resolves the stuttering issues 'some' users are seeing in Prey. This happened despite the previous 382. 05 drivers being 'game ready,' though I should also note that Prey is an AMD promoted title, with Ryzen and Radeon logos splashed onscreen while the game loads.

Most driver updates from Nvidia come via the GeForce website, or through GeForce Experience, but if you're playing Prey on an Nvidia card and notice the stuttering, you'll have to manually update drivers. I can confirm the stuttering problem occurs and is particularly noticeable when using the very high preset on every Nvidia GPU I've tested. Average framerates hit Prey's 144 fps framerate cap (which is a whole topic on its own--haven't we learned framerate caps are a bad idea yet? ), but minimum fps even on high-end cards like the 10

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