Our Five Favorite Things About Ghost Recon Wildlands

Javy Gwaltney

Ubisoft’s major spring releases loom on the horizon. We’ve had chances to throw down in For Honor but our hands-on time with the latest Ghost Recon has been limited – until now. I recently played the first two opening hours of the game, as well as another two hours during a later area of the game, and came away with a stronger sense of what kind of game Wildlands is and how it plays. During my time with the game, I took part in a number of memorable scenarios in Wildlands’ massive open world that left me excited for its approaching release.

Here are some of my favorite things about the upcoming shooter, due out on March 7. (Please visit the site to view this media) Making Your Character Your OwnIt might sound like a silly thing, but one of the most exciting things I got to do during my Wildlands playtime was create my own character. I don’t usually care for character creators since they tend to get bogged down in sliders, but Wildlands’ is easy to access and there are a ridiculous amount of options as far as costumes, hair, facial structure, and equipment go. Multiple camo and color options are available for pretty much every item, as well as locked cosmetic pieces accessible only by completing certain missions in the campaign.

You can also access your character customization at loadout caches throughout the world.   I spent 20 minutes making my badass-with-an-eyepatch heroine before I even got into the nitty gritty of the game. The impressive amount of options and streamlined customization menu make it one of the most enjoyable character creators I’ve used in years.   A wealth of customization options are open not just to your character’s physical appearance but also your weapons.

Upgrades for the rifles, pistols, shotguns, and submachine guns you have at your disposal are littered throughout the world, sometimes as a reward for completing a mission, sometimes as an item found in camps. Scopes, barrels, handles, and clip extenders all have tangible effects during firefights. Air InfiltrationWildlands embraces the open-world tactical realism of the first titles in the series, but it’s also looser and more action-focused. This entry in the series plays like combination of Metal Gear Solid V and Splinter Cell: Blacklist set in a massive open world.

During one of the late-game segments, my three player-controlled comrades and I had to get to a camp on the ridge of some mountains far away to fetch some valuable intel. We stole a helicopter from a security checkpoint somewhere in the flatlands, miles away…

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