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Payday designer announces GTFO, a "4-player hardcore co-op action horror FPS"


Overkill co-founder, and the Payday series' lead designer, Ulf Andersson has announced a new game: GTFO. That's, er, that's the name of the game, not a rude instruction, and you can see the incredibly bare official website here. Andersson's new development team 10 Chambers Collective is behind the game, which is described as a "4-player hardcore co-op action horror FPS" .

GTFO - Name Reveal Teaser Trailer

"In GTFO, you and your friends will explore hostile and terrifying environments where, in an instant, you are thrown from edge-of-your-seat suspense to frantic action," the press release explains. "It’s a large-scale experience, testing players in their ability to gear up and adapt to an endless string of unknown and ever-changing challenges. "10 Chambers Collective member Simon Viklund reckons that "every expedition in GTFO is unique and the game lets you make informed decisions on what equipment and weapons to bring—but even then survival is not guarantee

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